About Us

The Eastern  Nebraska Wheelchair Athletic Association (ENWAA) is a non-profit organization  founded in 1975 and became an exempt organization under section 501(c) (3) of  the Internal Revenue Code in 1988. ENWAA is the premier wheelchair sports  organization in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.  ENWAA is operated in a 100% volunteer capacity and all coaches, event volunteers, and Board positions are unpaid positions.

ENWAA provides athletic opportunities  for disabled children and adults. These opportunities include instruction, team  organization, practice facilities, athletic equipment, registration fees,  uniforms, travel expenses, team and individual awards, and much more.

There  are many benefits associated with participation in wheelchair athletics. These  include aerobic and muscle-building activities, building self-esteem, making  life-long friendships, and travel to play teams from other areas. Also, many of  our members have participated on the United States Paralympic Team and have had  opportunities for international travel. Several of our members have received  college scholarships through wheelchair athletics.

In 2004, the  organization became part of the Blazesports of America network forming the  Blazesports Omaha Club in conjunction with Alegent Health Immanuel  Rehabilitation Center and the Great Plains Paralyzed Veterans of America.   Together these organizations collaborate to offer a variety of clinics to  continue to broaden the opportunities available for persons eith physical  disabilities.  Current Blazesport programs include:

1. Wheelchair softball for adults and  juinors

2. Youth Wheelchair Basketball

3. Sitting Volleyball

4. Quad Rugby

5. Boccia Ball

6. Tennis

Blazesports of America
BlazeSports America is a nonprofit organization  introduced in 1998 which offers sports for children and adults with physical  disabilities through 50 Clubs across the United States. The local Blazesports  Omaha Club consists of the following organizations: Alegent Health Immanuel  Rehabilitation Center, Eastern Nebraska Wheelchair Athletic Association and the  Paralyzed Veterans of America. Together these groups coordinate sport and  recreation opportunities for persons in the community who  have a physical disability.

It is the successor organization to the Atlanta Paralympic Organizing  Committee. Paralympians and other nationally ranked disabled athletes are an  integral component in all BlazeSports programs. Serving as coaches and  counselors to beginning or rising athletes, these elite athletes bring a high  level of experience and knowledge to program participants. And they serve as  excellent role models and mentors to BlazeSports participants.

Profiled in several national magazines, BlazeSports programs have rapidly  gained national recognition. And work continues to ensure that opportunities to  grow and develop through sports training and competition and to develop ongoing  active lifestyles become easily available for youth and adults with physical  disabilities.

Please refer to the individual pages for more detailed information regarding these opportunities.